Hearing Protection Consultation for Musicians' and Occupational Noise

As a musician you may be at high risk of developing hearing problems such as tinnitus and hearing loss. Why not protect your ears from irreversible damage by using personal hearing protection.

Preventative Hearing Solutions

Loud sounds or excessive noise exposure for any length of time, can cause permanent hearing damage. This can cause temporary hearing loss or tinnitus and eventually lead to permanent damage of the sensory hair cells causing irreversible hearing loss.

Musicians are particularly at risk of permanent hearing damage and tinnitus due to repeated exposure to loud sounds. Historically, the most affordable solution that has been available to musicians to protect their hearing is standard foam ear plugs. While these do offer some isolation and ear protection, they tend to distort the spectral content reaching the wearer as they block the ear canal in order to lower the decibel level of the sound reaching the ear drum. 

Unfortunately, this also compromises the quality of sound because not all frequencies are reduced the same amount. Tonal quality is depleted and sound becomes very muffled. Thus, custom musician earplugs have been designed with the aim of providing a flatter frequency response to preserve sound quality.

Musicians can significantly reduce their risks of hearing loss and tinnitus through the use of protective measures that preserve the sounds and harmony of the music. Custom earplugs provide a higher level of protection as well as better fidelity of sound compared to generic earplugs as they are shaped to your ears. 

The filter technology reduces sound to a safe level, making it great for music listening as the listener doesn’t lose any of the original sound.

We can help recommend custom musicians’ earplugs or in-ear monitors to protect your hearing without compromising your musical performance or experience. In addition, to musicians’ earplugs we also provide custom earplugs for occupational noise, sleep plugs and swim plugs. 

The Importance of Hearing Protection

Your Ears offer a wide range of custom-made ear plugs, fitted to the shape of your ears and designed to minimise exposure to loud sounds. Whether you’re in need of noise cancelling ear plugs to safeguard your hearing, a musician looking to protect against damage during a concert, ear plugs for swimming to prevent painful infections, or moulded ear plugs for sleeping, our experienced and trained audiologists can help. We’ll determine which type of moulded ear plugs are right for your level of sound exposure and fit them ensuring the risk of hearing damage is kept to a minimum and maximum hearing protection is achieved.

Contact us to learn more about our range of custom ear plugs or to arrange an initial consultation at one of our clinics.

Sleep Plugs

Our hearing has no off switch and sometimes all we need is a bit of extra peace – to help focus on work, meditate, or get a better night’s sleep. 

Sleep plugs are made from a soft medical grade silicone and moulded to precisely and discreetly fit your ears, allowing you to comfortably sleep on your side while wearing them. At YourEars, we create custom ear plugs for sleeping, which effectively reduce noise to a level that makes it easy to drift off to sleep.

Swim Plugs

Swimmers of all ages and abilities can experience sensitivity to water in the ear. Swim Plugs are a safe and effective way to protect your ears. For those that have a history of ear conditions, a perforated ear drum or have had grommets inserted, swim plugs allow the wearer to continue with their favourite water activity whilst protecting from water and keeping your ears dry.

Universal foam and wax plugs can help, but do not fit as well as custom plugs, often resulting in some water getting into the ears. We can facilitate custom swim plugs to be made in order to provide better protection for those prone to ear infections or other ear problems.

Hearing Protection

Consultation is based on the most appropriate hearing protection for your needs and budget, including any impressions.

Tailored Hearing Protection plan

A plan to assess and avoid your hearing risks

A visual and physical examination of your outer ear


Custom Hearing Protection from...


A visual and physical examination of your outer ear

Impression taking

The hearing protection we select jointly in the appointment

A cast of your ear to build your custom hearing protection 

Custom Hearing Protection

The hearing protection we select jointly in the appointment


Custom Earphones and In-ear Monitors from...


A visual and physical examination of your outer ear

Custom Earphones and In Ear Monitors

The earphones or in-ear-monitors we select jointly in the appointment


Custom Sleep Plugs

Ultra-soft silicone custom sleep plugs


Custom Swim Plugs

Silicone custom swim plugs