Swim Ear Plugs

Swimming is a great way to exercise and stay healthy! However, the risk of bacteria in the water may leave your ears open to infection when submerged in the water. To help prevent ear infections and the itchy and painful symptoms of “swimmer’s ear”, our clinic recommends custom swim ear plugs.

What are Swim Ear Plugs?

Swim Ear Plugs are custom molded ear plugs made using soft silicone that fit perfectly snug in your ear, creating a tight seal that keeps your ear canal free from water and bacteria while you swim in a pool or lake. Using swim ear plugs not only protects your ears from infection and possible future hearing loss; it also makes your time in the water more enjoyable, as you won’t feel that uncomfortable “water-in-your-ear” sensation.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Swim Ear Plugs:

Swim ear plugs are made from medical grade, soft silicone. The material also allows them to be floatable in the water.

It’s very easy! Simply book an appointment with us. During your visit, we will take impressions of your ear canals. Using the impressions, the swim plugs will be created to precisely fit your ear. It usually takes two weeks from the date of the appointment to have the custom swim ear plugs made for you.

Once receiving your swim ear plugs, you’ll have 30 days to try them out. If you feel they don’t fit right, we will take your ear canal impressions and create a new set for you.

Swim ear plugs can last up to 5 years if taken care of and used regularly.